Fernand Martin (Company)

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Fernand Martin
legal form Private
founding 1880
resolution 1965
Seat Paris
Branch Tin toys

Fernand Martin is a French company that was headquartered in Paris and manufactured tin toys from 1880 to around 1965 .


The company was founded in 1880 by Séraphin Fernand Martin. Fernand Martin ( April 29, 1849 - September 1, 1919 ). founded his first toy company in Paris in 1880 with 12 employees on Boulevard de Ménilmontant 90. Tin figures such as a clochard or an ivrogne (drunkard) were produced. The trademark was FM

In 1892 he was one of the first to start industrializing toy production . In 1912, Martin, who had been made a Knight of the Legion of Honor, sold his company to Georges Flersheim, who died 4 years later in 1916. In 1919 Francis Victor Bonnet bought the company for 190,000 francs. The FM logo is replaced by “Victor Bonnet et Cie” . Some successful old models were produced again. In the period from 1920 to 1930, all products were given a serial number. The last serial number 246 from Flersheim was for the tin figure " Je sonne la paix ".

In 1934 the lease expired and Bonnet moved to new premises on Rue des Tourelles Paris XX. Number 8 around. In 1938 the “Victor Bonnet et Cie” logo disappeared in favor of the new “VB” or “Vébé” logo . In 1960 the Bonnet company got the addition “SARL” (Société à responsabilité limitée). In 1965 the company V. Bonnet and later also “Bonnet frères”, which had been taken over by “JEP” ( Jouet de Paris ) after the war , were finally closed.

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