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Solamisch (throne name: al-Malik al-Adil Badr ad-Din Solamisch , Arabic: بدر الدين سُلامش, Turkish: Sülemiş , * 1272 in Cairo ; † 1291 in Constantinople ) was Sultan of the Mamluks in Egypt in 1279. He was a son by Sultan Baibars .

After Baibar's death in 1277, Solamish's brother Berke Qan succeeded him as Sultan. He was forced to resign by Qalawun in 1279 and Solamish, who was only seven years old, was proposed and under Qalawun's tutelage as the new Sultan of Egypt. In December of the same year, Solamish was deposed by Qualawun. Qualawun now made himself sultan and prevented another brother of Solamish, Khidr, from coming to power. Thus the formation of a dynasty by Baibars and his sons had failed. Qalawun was the new sultan (1279-1290) and founded the Bahri dynasty .

Solamisch went into exile to his brother in Kerak and later came to Constantinople, where he died in 1291.


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Berke Qan Sultan of Egypt