Fire height

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Fire height on land
Fire height in the water

The height of the fire is the vertical distance between the light source of a beacon and the sea ​​level . It is made up of the height of the building and the geographical height of the base. In contrast, the height of the fire carrier only indicates the height of the fire carrier, i.e. the construction supporting the beacon (building, steel mast, etc.).

Height reference

In German nautical charts, calculations are made for altitude information on land in the North Sea from medium flood (MHW) and in the Baltic Sea from medium water level .

In civil engineering, the height of fire after is DIN often than mounting height refers to, but then usually at mean sea level relative (NHN) or basic level.


Eye height h, fire height H

In seafaring, the height of the fire is decisive for the nautical visibility , i.e. from what distance you can see a beacon with good visibility and sufficient luminosity ( range ) despite the curvature of the earth .

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