Fire brigade approach zone

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Fire brigade access zones (FAZ) are official traffic signs in Germany that mark a certain area on a publicly dedicated traffic area as an arrival and departure zone for fire engines . In Austria the designation fire brigade access zone is common.


Road traffic order

Stationing ban according to § 12 Paragraph 1 No. 5, 41 Paragraph 2 StVO, with the additional sign "Fire Brigade Access Zone"

The stationing bans according to § 12 Abs. 1 Nr. 5, 41 Abs. 2 StVO serve above all to guarantee fire fighting for structures. They are ordered by the road traffic authority at the suggestion of the local professional fire brigade .

The traffic sign consists of the sign 283 with the additional sign “fire brigade access zone” or “access zone fire brigade” and is a specialty of the stopping ban . To avert danger , the police can have all motor vehicles located within this zone towed away. The national warning fee is 10 to 35 euros in the case of negligent inspection.

A similar marking is the designation as an escape route and the officially marked fire brigade access (with official seal ).

Bavarian ordinance on the prevention of fires

Sign 283-20 ​​with additional sign "Access zone for fire brigade § 22 VVB" and the non-standardized additional sign "Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away for a fee "

Another fire brigade access zone - only in Bavaria - is a combination of the StVO ( no stopping sign) and the Bavarian ordinance on the prevention of fires (BayVVB or VVB) (additional sign) and can be found on private roads. This is a requirement to keep entrances and exits, passages, passageways, stairwells and traffic routes, which are intended as the first or second escape route in the event of a fire, free of any objects (garbage cans, motor vehicles, bicycles, handcarts, etc.). A violation is subject to a fine according to § 27 BayVVB ; The authority responsible for fines is the respective municipality. Anyone can report the administrative offense. Signage is neither standardized nor prescribed. These are free sign creations from property management companies. In the event of violations, towing away by the police ( hazard prevention ) or privately is possible.

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