Firth of Fifth

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Firth of Fifth
publication October 12, 1973
length 9:38
Genre (s) Progressive rock
Author (s) Tony Banks
Label Charisma Records
album Selling England by the Pound
Tony Banks
Steve Hackett 1977

Firth of Fifth is a song by the British band Genesis . It was released in 1973 on the album Selling England by the Pound and played live in whole or in part for the entire time of the band.


The title is a play on words with the Firth of Forth . The piece was composed by Tony Banks ; he wrote it in 1972, but it was initially rejected. He revised the piece that has now been accepted. Banks rated his text as "one of the worst texts I was involved in".

The song starts with a virtuoso piano solo that is rhythmically complex. The vocal part starts at a slower pace. This is followed by a synthesizer-instrumental part, which forms a framework for the piano solo. Steve Hackett plays a long guitar solo. Peter Gabriel sings a short text before Banks finishes the song on the piano.


François Couture reviewed on Allmusic :

"Firth of Fifth" is one of the most solemn Genesis songs with its slow tempo and virtuoso piano introduction. The first line "The way is clear / Although no eyes can see" seemed to embody the entire text: fairly simple, if very mysterious. ... Still, the song became a favorite, especially thanks to Steve Hackett's uplifting guitar solo in the instrumental middle section, arguably one of his best ... "

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