Fliegerrevue X

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FliegerRevue X

description Interest magazine
publishing company PPVMEDIEN GmbH, Bergkirchen (from 2011)
Möller Buch und Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH, Berlin (until 2011)
First edition 2002
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Lutz Buchmann
Web link Publisher's website

Fliegerrevue X (up to issue 36 in 2012 including Fliegerrevue extra ) is a bimonthly magazine with a focus on the history of civil and military aviation .

The magazine has been published on historical aviation topics since 2002, in addition to the sister magazine Fliegerrevue .

Several topics on the history of aviation are described on around 100 to 120 pages per issue. Most of the articles deal with areas of German and Eastern European history. This includes the development and operational history of certain aircraft types or aircraft type groups, the history of organizations (airlines, air forces, air sports associations, aircraft manufacturers, pilot training) in certain periods, aviation infrastructure (airfields, aircraft carriers), important people (aircraft designers), special aviation events (border conflicts or military conflicts) or certain deployment scenarios (cargo helicopters for building construction support, Grumman F-14 in Iran, ship-based aircraft).

The authors often have contact with people directly involved in the event or have access to original documents. Articles about certain types of aircraft are often supplemented by sectional drawings and color information that are of interest to aircraft modelers.

Apart from the publisher's own advertising, the magazine largely dispenses with advertising; according to the imprint, circulation figures are not checked by the IVW . The magazine costs 12.80 euros in stores in Germany and is also sold by subscription.


  • Flieger-Revue extra: data, facts, background. Möller book and magazine publisher, Berlin. ISSN  2195-1233

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