Airplane mode

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Airplane mode activated under Blackberry 10 : all wireless connections are off.

When airplane mode (also briefly flight mode or offline mode ), an operating mode of is the mobile phone , tablet computer , notebook or other communication device (eg. As SmartWatch ) refers, in which all sparking units of the device and the wireless communication functions are disabled without switch off other device functions.


Since radio waves that are switched on can affect other electronic devices when they are switched on, they must be switched off in certain locations, especially in aircraft, to prevent interference. Modern mobile phones, especially smartphones and similar devices, however, offer functions that go far beyond actual communication, i.e. making calls or communicating via short messages ( SMS or MMS ). In order not to have to do without functions such as cameras, calculators, games, video and audio players or e-books , these devices usually offer an airplane mode .


When flight mode is activated, the cellular units ( GSM , UMTS , LTE ) and, if necessary, other radio units such as Bluetooth , NFC and WLAN are switched off. This means that no more radio waves are emitted. However, all other functions can still be used. Some functions such as Bluetooth and WLAN can also be switched on again separately in airplane mode.


In a revised version of October 2013, the US aviation authority FAA describes the use of mobile devices in flight mode and requires the deactivation of mobile communications services. WLAN may be used if it is offered on the aircraft. Short-range radio services such as Bluetooth can be used at any time. The presentation is only recommended as most types of aircraft are not affected by the use of electronic devices in flight mode. If necessary, its use can be prohibited.

Individual evidence

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