floodlight (magazine)

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description Magazine of the Federal Agency for Political Education
language German
publishing company DUMMY Verlag GmbH ( D )
First edition 2001
Frequency of publication quarterly (print)
daily (online)
Sold edition 400,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Thorsten Schilling
editor Federal Agency for Civic Education
Web link www.fluter.de
Former logo

fluter is a free youth magazine from the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).

Publication cycle and content

The free magazine has been available since December 2001 both as a print and as an online edition. The print magazine has a circulation of 400,000 copies per issue, fluter.de around 200,000 page impressions per month. The print edition appears quarterly with a focus on each topic, fluter.de also publishes a further journalistic article on social and political issues every day. fluter describes itself as a “non-commercial media platform that offers young people from 16 to 22 usable content from the fields of politics and culture”. In each issue, a current, socio-political or country-specific topic is documented in a way that is understandable and vivid from different positions, often using examples from the world of adolescents or young adults. In addition, articles from the field of culture appear regularly on the Internet, in which current, nationwide cinema releases, as well as newly published books or computer games are discussed. fluter.de also publishes editorially produced videos on the website and on its own YouTube channel, which take up the current issues of the print and online editions and illuminate them in more detail.

Production and representation on the Internet

The print magazine has been editorially and creatively produced by Dummy Verlag since autumn 2008, and in July 2014 the publisher also took over the editorial support of the online magazine fluter.de. From 2002 to 2008 the Süddeutsche Verlag Medien Service, a subsidiary of the Süddeutscher Verlag, produced the print edition; fluter.de was looked after by the Berlin company “Redaktion undestag”.

target group

The “fluter” magazine aims to promote the target group's basic understanding of democracy. Young people between the ages of 16 and 22, especially first-time voters, are addressed. “Fluter” wants to take young people seriously and offer a forum for their questions.

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Individual evidence

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