Forsaken (band)

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General information
origin Malta
Genre (s) Epic Doom
founding 1990 as 'Blind Alley'
Current occupation
Leo Stivala
Sean Vucovic
Albert Bell
Simeon's husband
former members
Daniel Magri (until 2001)

Forsaken is an epic doom band from Malta .


The group was founded in September 1990 under the name Blind Alley, but the musicians changed the name to Forsaken after their bassist Albert Bell joined in July 1991.

Shortly after their first concert in September 1991, a first demo was recorded with Requiem , which was followed by a 7 "EP entitled Virtues of Sanctity on Arkham Records in July 1992. From 1992 to 1993 the focus was more on live activities and control contributed two tracks to a small Maltese CD compilation before continuing with the release of the debut Evermore in February 1997 on the former Maltese label Storm Records , which was re-released in February 2006 on a double LP via Immortal Vinyl Records .

In January 2001 the longtime guitarist of the band Daniel Magri died. According to his wish, the band continued and shortly afterwards took part in a Black Sabbath tribute sampler.

This was followed by the release of an EP and two albums on Golden Lake Productions from Scotland and by Anima Mundi and Iconoclast on a double LP via Immortal Vinyl Records, as well as appearances at the two festivals Doom Shall Rise 2003, Headbangers Open Air 2004 and Keep It True 2005. In March 2006 the album Dominaeon was also released as a double LP. With After the Fall 2009 and Pentateuch 2017, the band continued to play sporadically.


Musically, the group moves closely with the Epic Doom of groups like Candlemass . In terms of content, the group’s texts reflect Maltese culture and their Catholic faith .


  • 1997: Evermore
  • 2003: Iconoclast (EP)
  • 2004: Anima Mundi
  • 2005: Dominaeon
  • 2009: After The Fall
  • 2017: Pentateuch

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