Frederick Nnabuenyi Ugonna

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Frederick Nnabuenyi Ugonna (born October 12, 1936 in Amaokpara / Ihitenansa , Nigeria , † June 5, 1990 in London ) was a Nigerian ethnologist , linguist and literary scholar . He was baptized with the name "Frederick", but rarely used it; therefore it is also often called “F. Nnabuenyi Ugonna “abbreviated. Ugonna is best known for his contributions to the Igbo language and other African languages, as well as to African literature .

Ugonna dealt intensively with JE Casely Hayford's work Ethiopia Unbound (1911) and put forward the thesis that it was the first real African novel . Ugonna then also wrote a foreword for the second edition from 1966.

Ugonna died of prostate cancer in London in 1990 .

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