Freestyle frisbee

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handstand catch

In freestyle frisbee , one or more players perform the most original or difficult tricks possible with the disc . These tricks can be composed of various movement elements. The most important are:

With delay , the rotating disc is balanced on one or more fingernails. With body roll , the disc rolls over the arms , legs or other parts of the body of the player. With the brush , the rotation of the disc is increased by striking it with the hand or foot. With the catch , the disc is z. B. caught under the leg, behind the head or behind the back. Multi-player tricks are called co- op .

The execution of these movement elements is not rigidly fixed, but left to the creativity of the player. In competitions , freestyle frisbee is performed as a freestyle to music . Each team consists of two to three players. Are rated difficulty , execution and artistic expression on a point system.

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