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A disk is a geometric body in the form of a cylinder , the radius (r) of which is many times greater than its thickness (z). If the thickness is zero, a two-dimensional element is obtained, which is called a circular disk or circular area.

Beyond this mathematically strict definition, the term extends to a variety of flat objects, overlapping with that of the plate .

In technology and construction

In technology, washers with a concentric , hollow-cylindrical recess or a corresponding bore are often used ( washer ). Disks, the edge of which is many times thinner in relation to the central recess, are commonly referred to as a ring . The demarcation between cylinder, disk, plate, ring and similar terms is not precisely defined and in many cases depends on the context.

In particular, there are in this area:



Named after the disc-shaped core component

Outside of technology

Colloquially, disk or disk paste or disk honey is an escape word for the most commonly used German curse .

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