Friedrich X. (Hohenzollern)

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Friedrich X. von Hohenzollern († June 21, 1412 ), called "the Younger" or "the Black Count " , was a Count of Hohenzollern .


Friedrich was a son of Count Friedrich IX. von Hohenzollern from his marriage to Adelheid († after 1385), daughter of Count Burchard V. von Hohenberg-Wildberg.

Friedrich obtained from King Wenzel the exemption of his country from the imperial district courts and in 1381 joined Duke Leopold III militarily . from Austria , with whom he fought in the Battle of Sempach in 1386 . Later he mediated for the Austrians in their conflict with Swabian and Franconian imperial cities.

In the last years of his life, Friedrich took care of the internal and family affairs of the Counts of Zollern, whose senior he had been since 1408 and as such was able to keep the family peace. With Friedrich the black count line of the Hohenzollern founded by his father expired. Frederick's marriage to Anna († 1421), daughter of Count Burchard IX. von Hohenberg-Nagold, who died as Prioress of Reuthin, had remained childless. He bequeathed most of his property to his cousin Friedrich the Oettinger .

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