Frederick the Strasbourg

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Friedrich von Hohenzollern (* 13th century or 14th century; † after March 9, 1365 ), known as "the Strasbourg" , was a Count of Hohenzollern .


Counties of Hohenzollern around 1370

Friedrich was the younger son of Count Friedrich VIII von Zollern . He became canon in Strasbourg in 1333 , but returned to secular status in 1342 and married Margarete, daughter of Count Burchard V von Hohenberg- Wildberg in 1343. The marriage certainly shows the leaving of the clergy. The surname of the Strasbourgers was demonstrably used by Friedrich from 1346, sometimes with the addition of the younger one.

In 1344 he shared with his older brother Friedrich IX. , called the Schwarzgraf , the paternal inheritance and founded the so-called Strasbourg line. His brother Friedrich IX. founded the less important Schwarzgräfliche line. Like his brother, the Strasbourg citizen made financial claims against Austria for military service. Friedrich died in 1365 and thus before his brother. In the next generation was Friedrich XI. the head of the family.

Marriage and offspring

From his marriage to Margarete, Friedrich had the following children:

⚭ 1377 Countess Adelheid von Fürstenberg († 1413)
  • Margaret († 1433)
⚭ 1. Gebhard I. von Rechberg († 1395/7)
⚭ 2. 1398 Albrecht von Abensberg († 1407)
⚭ 3. 1424 Wilhelm von Puechberg († 1426)
  • Anna
⚭ Albrecht III. von Rechberg († March 24, 1403)
  • Friedrich Ostertag IV. († 1399)
  • Friedrich († 1408/10), canon in Strasbourg

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Individual evidence

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