Friedrich XI. (Hohenzollern)

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Friedrich XI. von Hohenzollern († November 26, 1401 ), called "the Elder" , was a Count of Hohenzollern .


Friedrich was the younger son of Count Friedrich von Hohenzollern , known as Strasbourg, from his marriage to Margarete, daughter of Count Burchard V von Hohenberg-Wildberg.

After the death of Friedrich IX. Friedrich was considered the senior of the family. With this he exercised the feudal lordship and provided the bailiwick of the Stetten monastery . In 1388 he bought back the town of Hechingen , which Bishop Friedrich of Strasbourg had appropriated. Friedrich was a member of the Löwenbund and joined the Swabian League of Cities with this in 1382 . As a result, he succeeded in fulfilling his promise of service to Count Eberhard dem Greiner from Württemberg when he got into a dispute with the association of towns. In 1401 he issued a letter of freedom to the city of Hechingen after a city fire.

Friedrich was buried in the Hohenzollern hereditary crypt in the Stetten monastery.

Marriage and offspring

Before January 12, 1377 Friedrich married Adelheid († 1413), daughter of Count Hugo von Fürstenberg in Zindelstein. Adelheid's brother Johann was the last count of Fürstenberg-Haslach. After his childless death in the battle of Sempach , the House of Hohenzollern acquired Bräunlingen from his inheritance. But Frederick still had a long argument with the main line of the Fürstenbergs. Friedrich had the following children from his marriage:

⚭ 1407 Countess Anna von Sulz († 1438)
⚭ 1432 Ursula von Razüns († 1477)
  • Anna, nun
  • Friedrich, Canon in Strasbourg 1402
  • Friedrich († 1436), Bishop of Constance
  • Friedrich, monk

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