Front Populaire Ivoirien

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The Front Populaire Ivoirien ( Ivorian Popular Front , FPI) is a party from the Ivory Coast .

She is committed to socialism and was a member of the Socialist International until it expelled her in March 2011. It was a reaction to the behavior of Laurent Gbagbo and the FPI during the government crisis in Ivory Coast in 2010/2011 . Its chairman is Pascal Affi N'Guessan , the former Prime Minister of Ivory Coast.

Print media related to the FPI are Notre Voie and Le Courrier d'Abidjan .


It was founded underground in 1982 by Laurent Gbagbo and Simone Gbagbo and was constituted as a party in 1988. In 1990 it was recognized as such.

Its founder Gbagbo was elected President of the Ivory Coast on October 22, 2000 in a highly controversial presidential election boycotted by the opposition. In the parliamentary elections in January 2001, the FPI won 96 of the 225 seats to be awarded.

Pascal Affi N'Guessan replaced Gbagbo in 2001, who resigned from the position of party chairman after being elected president.

Significant party members

Individual evidence

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