Low angle view

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Frog perspective with two vanishing points
Low angle view of chairs: moderate viewing angle
Frog perspective of the Eiffel Tower : view steeply upwards
The Altenberg Cathedral from a frog's perspective.

A frog perspective is the observation of an object (perspective) from an eye point below normal eye level. A distinction is made between normal perspective , which is viewing from the normal eye level of a standing observer, and bird's-eye view , which is viewing from an eye point diagonally above the object. All three types do not actually designate the position and orientation of objects in relation to the viewer, but rather the respective position of the horizon line (eye level of the viewer) in comparison to the center of the picture.

In photography, the worm's eye view (right) is a bottom view or Low angle designated. A camera position that is very far below normal eye level and looking upwards allows the viewer an unusual, but still easily comprehensible viewing angle. The use of this perspective should always be chosen taking into account its optical and dramaturgical effect. A view from below often suggests “humiliation and inferiority”. In connection with the frog's eye view, problems with the light situation (contrasts) occur very often.

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