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Fuchsi (actually Peter Fuchs ; born May 13, 1950 in Dillenburg , Hesse, † June 12, 2000 in Berlin ) was a German caricaturist, comic artist and satirical writer.

After graduating from the Berlin University of the Arts in 1981 (his final thesis was the comic book "Adalbert Dependent"), Fuchsi became one of the most famous illustrators of the left-wing alternative scene. In the early years after founding the alternative daily newspaper taz , he became one of its most avid employees in the cartoon and comic sector.

Fuchsi's main character was a modernized version of the western hero Zorro . As a result, Fuchsi brought it to a large number of publications with many magazine and book publishers, also as an author in the satirical area. In the last years of his life, Fuchsi came to painting. The result was a series of strongly colored paintings with which he dealt in the style of magical realism with general philosophical and scientific subjects such as evolution and cosmology.

Publications (selection)

  • Zorro - the avenger of the disenfranchised. 1983
  • A thousand years of pimple-hardness - German history totally freaked out. 1988
  • Peace, joy, pancakes - comics. 1982 (with Rolf Boyke , Tomas Bunk, Detlef Surrey, Harald Juch and Peter Petri)
  • The pardon psychologicon. 1986 (with Manfred Hofmann and Peter Petri)
  • Heads up! Caricature Calendar, 1981–1988, (with Hansi Kiefersauer , Harald Juch, Peter Petri and Detlef Surrey)

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