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GS / OS was an operating system that was introduced by Apple Computer for the Apple IIgs and represents a further step from Apple ProDOS towards the more modern Mac OS Classic . The graphic capabilities of the Apple IIgs were so well developed that Apple was the first to offer a graphic user interface for an Apple II . GS / OS was Apple's first color GUI; the Macintosh models of that time all still had a black and white monitor.

GS / OS allows access to various file systems such as Apple Pascal , Apple DOS 3.3, ISO / High Sierra , HFS , MS-DOS , Apple ProDOS and AppleShare . AppleShare allows GS / OS network access via AppleTalk to AppleShare file servers. GS / OS could even be loaded and started over a network. However, an IIgs with GS / OS cannot itself be used as a server in the network; a Macintosh computer must take on this role.

The last version of GS / OS was 4.02, it came with the Apple IIgs System Disks version 6.0.1.


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