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AppleShare was a product from Apple that allowed client applications on a computer in a network to exchange files with a server and to use services offered by this . AppleShare can be used in the LAN via DDP , TCP / IP was possible with the successor AppleShare IP. With AppleShare, a user can access files, applications, printers and other resources on a remote server.

All Macintosh - and Mac OS - clones have client support for AppleShare. A slimmed-down version is available from System 7.0 in the form of Personal File Sharing, which works significantly more slowly than AppleShare and also allows a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. Microsoft Windows NT Server and Novell NetWare both offer AppleShare server support, though currently only through AppleTalk . Third-party client / server support for AppleShare is available for Windows for Workgroups , Windows 95 and Windows NT , as well as for Unix systems.

A client or server may have different AppleShare protocol variants implement . The protocol actually used is negotiated before a meeting .

After the release of Mac OS X Server , which goes beyond the functionality of AppleShare, the further development of AppleShare was discontinued.

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