Gagarin (noble family)

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Coat of arms of the Gagarin princes

The House of Gagarin (Cyrillic: Гага́рины) is a Russian princely family .


A descendant of Vladimir the Great from the Rurikids dynasty , Yaroslav II Vsevolodowitsch , enfeoffed his brother Ivan Vsevolodovich with the city and the principality of Starodub . His great-great-grandson Ivan Fedorowitsch had a son Michael, who in turn had three sons: Wasili, Juri and Ivan Gagara. The descendants of the latter, the princes Gagarin, served the Russian rulers as boyars .

Name bearer

  • Matwei Petrovich Gagarin († 1721), Russian prince, governor of Siberia
  • Nikolai Sergejevitsch Gagarin (1784–1842), Russian prince, from 1833 Vice-President of the Council of Ministers
  • Grigory Gagarin (1810–1893), Russian prince, diplomat, painter, vice president of the imperial art academy
  • Andrei Petrovich Gagarin (1934–2011), Russian physicist

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