Gaius Marcius Rutilus

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Gaius Marcius Rutilus (or Rutulus ) was the first plebeian dictator of the Roman Republic; he was also a censor and consul four times .

It was first mentioned in 357 BC. Elected consul, then dictator the following year to repel the Etruscan invasion . He surprised the enemy in his encampment and drove him out of the country, for which he was honored with a triumphal procession , according to the will of the people and against the will of the Senate .

Rutilus was born in 352 BC. Again consul; at the end of his term of office he ran for censor and was elected against the opposition of the patricians . He was consul in 344 and 342 BC. When he led the army in the Samnite Wars .

There is a high probability that his dictatorship and other details of his career were invented by his family, the Marcii .

His son Gaius Marcius Rutilus Censorinus was consul in 310 BC. Chr.