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Gambas IDE
Basic data

developer Benoit Minisini
Publishing year 1999
Current  version 3.14.3
( January 23, 2020 )
operating system Linux / Unix / Haiku
programming language C , C ++
category programming language
License GPL
German speaking Yes

Gambas , a recursive acronym for G ambas a lmost m eans bas ic , is a free programming language for software development . It is an object-oriented BASIC variant with a complete IDE . It should take advantage of Visual Basic on the Linux desktop such as B. make it available under KDE or Gnome . However, Gambas is not equivalent to Visual Basic, even if both languages ​​have a lot in common. Under Linux there are no ActiveX control elements that Gambas have replaced with their own objects. Existing Visual Basic projects cannot easily be imported into Gambas. However, already existing VB or VBA code can be reused to a large extent. Gambas is more based on C than Visual Basic, which can be seen, for example, in handling files that are opened as file descriptors, as in C.

Gambas programs are usually compiled, saved as bytecode and executed by an interpreter ; from version 3.2 onwards, just-in-time compilation can also be activated. The basic program is translated to C. From version 3.3 Gambas is multitasking or multiprocessing capable, classes can be prepared for this by inheriting from the Task class. This makes it possible to use all available CPU cores for computing.

Gambas for PDAs is mainly based on POSIX and Qt .

Gambas is open source and licensed under the GPL . It has been developed by Benoît Minisini since 1999 and is available in many languages, including French, English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and German.

Gambas can be used to develop programs with a graphical user interface (GUI), while Qt and GTK + are supported for generating the GUI. Access to databases such as MySQL , SQLite or PostgreSQL is supported by default. Multimedia applications and games can be written via the built-in SDL binding. In the current version 3, D-Bus is supported so that Gambas programs can be integrated into current desktop surfaces (earlier versions instead supported DCOP , which only runs with KDE3).

The interface of the IDE itself is written in Gambas BASIC. From version 0.99 onwards, RPM / DEB packages for Debian and offshoots ( Ubuntu ), as well as all common RPM distributions (only RPM in version 4.x) can be created from the programming environment .

Applications created can be made available to other Gambas users via the Gambas Software Farm. At the Gambas Playground it is possible to edit and start small programs online.

Gambas Software Farm

All source texts, project definitions and form descriptions are in text files, so that Gambas source code can be edited with any text editor and managed with any version management independently of the IDE . The Gambas IDE itself supports versioning with Git .

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