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The Gamemaster Series is a board game series by MB that appeared in the 1980s. Of the five associated games, only Axis & Allies , Shogun alias Samurai Swords and, but only as a revised new edition, Conquest of the Empire have been released in Germany. There were also the games Fortress America and Broadsides and Boarding Parties on the American market . All five games are decidedly strategy games and have complex sets of rules that require a certain amount of training.

Games from the Gamemaster Series

Shogun / Samurai Swords / Ikusa

Main article: Samurai Swords

Shogun is one of the two games from the Gamemaster series that were initially released in Germany. Since there were naming conflicts because of the Ravensburger game of the same name , it was renamed Samurai Swords in 1995 . Two to five players compete for supremacy in feudal Japan in the 16th century. The game board represents a map of Japan, which is divided into provinces that must be conquered. In its basic principle, Shogun or Samurai Swords is similar to the classic game Risk .

Axis & Allies

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Axis & Allies was first released in the USA in 1984, with some modifications made for the German market. The game for up to five players is a combination of military conflict and economic simulation , in which the Axis powers and the allies compete for world domination. In the “board game scene”, Axis & Allies , on which several computer games are based, is considered a classic.

Conquest of the Empire

Main article: Conquest of the Empire

Conquest of the Empire is similar to Axis & Allies , but is set in Ancient Rome in the time of Marcus Aurelius . Four to six players slip into the roles of generals fighting for Rome. In contrast to Axis & Allies , the game is given a different tactical focus due to the non-reproducible but eminently important commanders.

Fortress America

Fortress America was published in 1986 and is set in the near future of the 21st century. The story includes the “ Star Wars ” policy of the US government at the time: after space weapons made nuclear strikes against the United States impossible, the hostile power blocs “East Asian Commonwealth”, “Euro-Soviet Alliance” and “Central American Confederation” intervened “With conventional weapons. Fortress America was quite successful commercially and was named Best 20th Century Game of 1986 at the Origins Awards .

Broadsides and boarding parties

Broadsides and Boarding Parties is the only game in the series that can only be played by two players. Here the battle of two ships is played. Broadsides and Boarding Parties are very popular with collectors because of the early discontinuation of production.

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