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Games Server (Engl. Gameserver ) are specifically designed for multiplayer furnished games Server . Players can connect with them to play with each other. They manage the game data and synchronize the actions of the players with each other. Game servers are used both on the Internet to bring different players together from around the world and locally at LAN parties , especially when there is not a sufficiently fast connection to the Internet.

So-called massive multiplayer online games represent a special case : With them, entire virtual worlds are simulated around the clock on many interconnected servers in which thousands of players are constantly connected. The operation of these servers is normally the sole responsibility of the manufacturer or companies commissioned accordingly. The latter is the case with free-to-play games for other genres as well. Otherwise all or most of the servers are operated by players or companies.

Business model

Most game servers are operated in large, purpose-built data centers and can be rented for monthly fees. Depending on the type of offer, you can choose from product packages with additional limitations (maximum number of players, protected access ...) or you get full access to a preconfigured dedicated server for sole use.

Depending on the multiplayer game, the manufacturers themselves provide such servers in order to guarantee free games for all buyers of the game. In some cases, the manufacturers even reserve the right to operate the game server alone, for example to ensure that the servers can only be used by buyers of the game and that modifications that are not made bypass a copy protection check - or to be able to skim off a monthly user fee from the players .


Game servers can be administered in different ways:

  • Via the interface of the server (if available)
  • In the game itself
  • Via a web interface
  • With an external program

Most game server providers provide customers with a web interface through which the servers can be administered. This is mostly proprietary and not for sale. Alternatively, there are few commercial solutions, such as GameCreate (which can also be used free of charge with restrictions) or FLOSS alternatives such as jGameAdmin.

HLSW has established itself as a downloadable, external program . This can also be used if the provider does not provide a web interface.

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