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A guest lecturer is a lecturer , teacher or professor who is not permanently under contract at the university or institution at which he teaches and is therefore not a permanent employee .

The restriction of non-permanent cooperation can relate to a time frame. Examples:

  1. Visiting professor for one year abroad
  2. Temporary lecturer at a community college
  3. specially engaged for a teaching lecture

The restriction can also refer to a shortage of regular lecturers in the institution or to a formal training deficit of the teacher. Examples:

  1. Chemistry classes are regularly canceled at a school because no suitable teacher is available. A professor from the neighboring university helps out as a guest lecturer.
  2. A chemical engineer from the industry helps out as a visiting lecturer for chemistry on a temporary basis. As soon as the school has a chemistry teacher available again, this transition situation will end.

In both examples the technical qualification is given as an example for chemistry; however, the visiting lecturer lacks formal proof of pedagogical suitability for school service.

In institutions such as adult education centers, there is often no longer any sharp distinction between "regular" lecturers and guest lecturers; Such institutions usually only have administrative staff in their workforce and recruit their lecturers every six months as required.

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