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The prison sentence was a form of imprisonment that existed in Germany until the Great Criminal Law Reform . It was replaced by imprisonment in 1970 . The prison sentence was regulated in Section 16 old version of the Criminal Code.

The regulations on prison sentences in the North German Confederation were adopted by the German Reich in the Reich Criminal Code of 1871.

The prison term was a minimum of a day and a maximum of five years. In the prisons , the prisoners could be obliged to work according to their abilities, while with the more severe prison sentence there was always a work obligation . The work in the penitentiary was also usually of severe physical form. In addition, inmates had the right to demand decent work. Work outside of the prison, in contrast to the prison sentence, was also only allowed with the consent of the prisoners.

As a side effect, in the cases specified by law, a withdrawal of civil rights for a period of one to five years was permissible.

The prison sentence could be carried out partially or fully in the form of solitary confinement . If the solitary confinement lasted more than three years, the prisoner's consent was required. Early release was possible after serving three quarters of the sentence, but at least one year.

Because of the different conditions in the penal institutions, the length of imprisonment was converted if placement in another penal institution was necessary. It corresponded to:

  • eight months in prison and one year in prison
  • eight months in prison, one year in prison .

Fines could, except when they were imposed for violations (in which case they were converted into custody), if they were not recovered, they could be commuted to prison terms, with a fine of between three and fifteen marks equivalent to one day in prison. The replacement penalty could not exceed one year, but no longer than the threatened penalty if no fine had been imposed.

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