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A flash of inspiration , colloquially also a flash of thought , describes a sudden (clever) idea . What is meant is a spontaneous inspiration , as a special form of brainstorming .

In 1819 Joseph Görres wrote in Teutschland und die Revolution , "[...] that in such transitional periods flashes of inspiration twitch through the whole of society [...]"

The flash of inspiration through Wilhelm Busch became a winged word in German . In 1883 he caricatured in Balduin Bählamm, who prevented the poet "a good person whose name was Bählamm and was a writer". The second chapter contains the verses:

But soon a deep train leads him
To a higher flight of thoughts.
The head is already burning, the seat is already glowing,
There is already a bright flash of inspiration;
The stylus is already about to write it down;
But it cannot be carried out

Much older, however, is the Greek exclamation Heureka , which means something like I've found it .

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