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GenBank is one of the three major DNA - sequence databases and by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information operated. The database currently contains more than 189 million entries with a total of over 299 billion bases from more than 380,000 organisms (as of December 2010). In addition to GenBank, there is also the “ European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL / EBI) Nucleotide Sequence Database” ( EMBL-Bank ) and the “DNA Data Bank of Japan” (DDBJ). The sequence data of these three databases are compared with each other on a daily basis (see International Nucleotide Sequence Database Cooperation ).

Since the sequence information contained in these databases is an important basis for the work of researchers, most scientific journals require the filing of new sequence data in one of these archives.

GenBank is freely accessible. Sequence data can be accessed by anyone both individually via the web interface and on a large scale via FTP .


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