Inclined planes

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Two trolleys meet; in the background the blue pulley
Sign indicating the inclined planes

The inclined levels in the Oberland Canal in East Prussia are ship lifts , each of which consists of a funicular railway with transport trolleys for transporting the ships dry . The ships are pulled out of the water by means of the transport cart running on rails and transported to the next higher or lower level, in order to then be lowered back into the water.

Two pairs of rails run parallel to each other, so that two transport trolleys, which are connected to one another with steel cables, are always in motion: the right one goes up, the left goes down and vice versa.

The drive takes place via undershot water wheels or water turbines .

The facility was planned and built by the Prussian building officer Georg Steenke in the 19th century.

A similar facility with dry lift (but only single track) is the Big Chute Marine Railway on the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario , Canada .

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