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Generation Golf is the title of a book by Florian Illies , published in 2000 , which outlines what he sees as the typical characteristics of West German youth in the 1980s. After the book was published, the Golf generation , which is not precisely delimited from Generation X in terms of time and characterization , became a catchphrase in Germany to describe a certain group and their attitudes.


Illies creates a critical picture of his own generation, born between 1965 and 1975 , in an entertaining, columnist style . With the help of personal anecdotes and memories, he deals with his youth in the 1980s. He writes about pop culture , retro - trends , Nostalgia and childishness and analyzed, as are the 1990 from the teenagers of 1980 adults.

Illies 'conclusion: In contrast to Generation X, Generation Golf does not want to fight the ecological consequences of the economic boom, but simply enjoy the prosperity that their parents' generation has developed. It embodies a largely uncritical “ego society” that strives only for consumption, acts apolitically and is the first generation to value fashion orientation, hedonism and brand awareness . It is named after the Golf from Volkswagen .

In the following two volumes, Guide to Innocence (2001) and Generation Golf Two (2003), Illies tried to confirm his theses.


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