Society for the Reconstruction of Human and Natural History

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The Society for the Reconstruction of Human and Natural History (GRMNG) e. V. was a pseudo-scientific association that existed from 1982 to 1988, which dealt with the review and reorganization of human and natural history. The main focus of the discussion was the impact of catastrophes on human history and the criticism of chronology .


The association was founded in Münster in 1982 . The founders were Gunnar Heinsohn and Christoph Marx , the translators of some of Immanuel Velikovsky's works and owner of the Podium Akademische Freiheit (PAF) publishing house . The association comprised almost a dozen other founding members. The first chairman was Heinsohn, his deputy the physicist Christian Blöss. The Germanist and systems analyst Heribert Illig was initially acting and then elected managing director. Christoph Marx continued to stand in the background of the GRMNG, which soon led to rivalries and communication problems within the association, until the two chairmen and the managing director Illig decided in 1987 not to publish the GRMNG reports at PAF Verlag.

In 1988 the club dissolved after further disputes. At the time of dissolution, it had around 50 members. The London-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS), founded in 1974, was viewed by the Society as a sister organization. Some of the members of the society were also members of the SIS, some others became members after the dissolution.

Offshoots and successors

After the dissolution of the association, the GRMNG bulletin was transferred to the magazine Vorzeit, Frühzeit, Gegenwart (from 1994: Zeitensprünge ) and published by Heinsohn together with Heribert Illig.

At the same time the hard core of the "German Velikovskyaner" published six books from 1988 to 1991 in Eichborn Verlag , which summarized the then status of the chronology-critical positions of the GRMNG on the chronology of human and natural history. When Illig presented his theory of the invented Middle Ages in 1991 and Heinsohn agreed with him, a dissent arose with the Eichborn publishing house. As a result, the group of people published increasingly in Illig's own publishing house, Mantis-Verlag.

In September 1994 the Berlin History Salon was launched as a so-called VFG Colloquium (VFG = prehistory, early days, present) and can therefore also be regarded as the successor organization to the GRMNG. The main initiators were Christian Blöss, Hans-Ulrich Niemitz and Uwe Topper . In 1998 there was a break between Topper and Illig or Mantis-Verlag, in March 1999 Blöss and Niemitz also distance themselves from Topper. From 1999, events based on the model of the Berlin History Salon were also held in Karlsruhe, Bonn and Leipzig.

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