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Uwe Topper (* 1940 in Breslau ) is a German writer and chronology critic . He mainly deals with the subjects of history , historiography , ethnology and rock art research .


Topper temporarily studied art history at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and Islamic studies at the University of the Punjab in Lahore . He then lived as a freelance artist and writer in South Asia and North Africa . He currently lives in Berlin .


Topper has made numerous scientific contributions to Spanish institutions. He has also published in German specialist journals. As early as 1975 in the Zeitschrift für Ethnologie - often in Almogaren at the Institutum Canarium - he also wrote several academic books on ethnology for Diederichs Verlag. His main research areas of chronological criticism and catastrophism are reflected in lectures, articles and books.

In 1977 Topper located in The Legacy of Giants. Fall and return of the Atlanteans the capital of Atlantis in the area of ​​the southern Spanish city of Cádiz , whereby he based his model on the corresponding dates of Plato - a chronological idea that he later rejected.

From the 1960s onwards, Topper developed his own thoughts about the possibly incorrect chronology . Heribert Illig's thesis of the “ invented Middle Ages ”, in the elaboration of which he was temporarily involved, soon seemed to him to be too short-reaching. Topper assumes several devastating worldwide disasters ( cataclysms ) that influenced the cultural development of mankind and had a decisive effect on the formation of religions . He believes that evidence of this can be found in landscape features and geology , in archaeological excavations and in the traditions of various peoples. Encouraged by Wilhelm Kammeier , he sees most of the written sources, which prescribe a date of origin before 1500, as doubtful, as subsequently falsified, backdated or newly created in the context of a mainly church-controlled “Great Action”.

Topper's theses critical of chronology are rejected by academic scholars. Since the late 1990s, Topper has published some books in new right and right-wing extremist publishers such as Herbig and Grabert . In 2003, Topper claimed in the neo-pagan magazine "HAGAL - Die Allumfassende", published by the new right Dresden publishing house Zeitwende , that the Nebra sky disk was a forgery. In 2006 another book by him was published by Grabert-Verlag and in 2007 he published an article on chronological criticism in the magazine Trojaburg, which was published by right-wing extremist Forsite-Verlag. Topper rejects any close links to political right-wing extremism.

Topper also wrote a book on geomancy and wrote a critical essay on Hanns Hörbiger's theory of world ice . Like numerous other chronology critics, Topper doubts in his publications the established image of geological history and Darwin's theory of evolution.


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