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Communication to the Central Trade Register

The Central Trade Register ( GZR ) is kept at the German Federal Office of Justice as a special department of the Federal Central Register . Here, not all traders of the Federal Republic of Germany saved. In principle, trades are registered locally at the individual trade offices . Rather, it contains administrative decisions ( trade bans , withdrawal of permits, concessions, etc.), waivers of admission to a trade or other economic enterprise during a withdrawal or revocation procedure, decisions on fines for administrative offenses committed in connection with the trade (as far as the fine 200 €) as well as certain final criminal convictions against traders.

In the context of reliability checks, for example in order to be able to open a restaurant, the authorities regularly request information from the central trade register. These are not only similar in design, but also in content and purpose, to the police clearance certificates . While the latter only exist for private individuals, i.e. natural persons, the central trade register also registers legal persons.

Legal basis in the context of the registration law : § § 149 ff. Of the German trade regulations (GewO)


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