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Seat of the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn

The Federal Central Register ( BZR ) is a German public register maintained by the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn . The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) is responsible for supervision . The legal basis of the Federal Central Register is the Federal Central Register Act (BZRG) within the framework of register law . In accordance with the requirements of the Berlin / Bonn Act , the seat of the Federal Central Register was relocated from Berlin to Bonn in 1999.

The Federal Central Register (BZR) has been kept exclusively in the form of a database using electronic data processing since 1975 .

Tasks and managed registers

In addition to the federal central register, two other registers are managed:

The education register is part of the federal central register.

Further tasks of the Federal Office of Justice are:

Information in the register

In accordance with Section 4 of the BZRG, the legally binding decisions with the personal data of the person concerned by which a German court within the scope of the BZRG is due to an illegal act are entered in the register

  • recognized under penalty,
  • a measure of improvement and security ordered,
  • warned someone under Section 59 of the Criminal Code with reservation of punishment or
  • has determined the guilt of a young person or adolescent according to Section 27 of the Youth Courts Act.

In addition, according to Section 54 (1) BZRG, foreign convictions are entered in the register under the conditions specified there.

According to § 3 BZRG, the following must be included in the register:

Name changes, communicated by the registration authority , are also indirectly contained in the federal central register . Also content are search phrases ( § 27 BZRG).

information desk

Any person subject to the Federal Central Register Act, who is at least 14 years old, or their legal representative, is allowed on request to view the entries relating to them in the Federal Central Register, as well as the extracts from them, which are described in the law as a certificate of good conduct, official certificate of good conduct, extended certificate of good conduct, to obtain.

An anonymous information for scientific research projects ( criminology ) is also possible without restriction.

The entries in the federal central register are subject to penalties ; the repayment period is determined by the type of conviction or the amount of the penalty.

It would be possible to evaluate the federal central register to generate crime statistics , namely relapse statistics. Convincing results are not yet available.

Individual evidence

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