Giuseppe Lucchese

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Giuseppe Lucchese (born September 2, 1959 in Palermo ) is a Sicilian mafioso.


Giuseppe Lucchese is a member of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra . In the late 1970s he was accepted into the important mafia family of Brancaccio, a district of Palermo. This belonged to the alliance of the Corleones, an alliance of many Mafia families, which had been founded by the family of Corleone . In the Second Mafia War 1981-1983 he was despite his youth, a death squad of Corleoneser , which obtained the absolute predominance within the Cosa Nostra in this war, even though he himself was not acting as a killer. Lucchese was one of the group of killers who murdered the Corleonesi's main antagonist, Stefano Bontade , on the evening of April 23, 1981. That murder marked the beginning of the war. He was also involved in other murders during the war, as well as in a spectacular failed assassination attempt in the middle of broad daylight in Palermo on Salvatore Contorno , one of Stefano Bontade's closest confidants and bodyguards. In 1982 he was involved in the murder of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and Communist MP Pio La Torre . Both had excelled in fighting the Mafia. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia for these murders.

On the instructions of the Corleonesi boss, Salvatore Riina , he and Vincenzo Puccio murdered Riina's favorite killer, Pino Greco , in 1985 . He had become the boss of the von Ciaculli family , but had shown signs of independence and had become a kind of idol, especially for the young men of honor within the Cosa Nostra. He had become a possible threat to the suspicious Riina. After the assassination of Puccio in 1989, Lucchese, a loyal supporter of the Corleones, became the new capo-mandamento of the Brancaccio-Ciaculli families. He was arrested in 1990 and has been serving a sentence in a maximum security prison since then. Lucchese's successors in the Ciaculli / Brancaccio-Mandamento were the Graviano brothers.