Glandulae nasales

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As a nasal glands ( "nasal glands"), the branched tubuloazinäre glands of the nasal mucosa , respectively. They are located in the anterior nasal region in the lamina propria between the venous erectile tissue and the respiratory epithelium . Its watery-slimy (seromucous) secretion , together with the secretion of the goblet cells of the nasal mucous membrane, serves to moisten the nasal mucous membrane and bind foreign particles.

They are characterized by a branched tubular system and open with numerous ducts on the nasal mucosa. The innervation takes place via sympathetic fibers from the internal carotid plexus , as well as postganglionic, parasympathetic fibers, which pass through the pterygopalatine ganglion or were switched in it and pull as the posterior superior lateral nasal nerve to the nasal glands. The preganglionic neurons originate from the nucleus salivatorius superior and are thus part of the nervus intermedius .

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