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A smooth deck ship , also smooth decker , in English flush decker , is a ship without superstructures on the freeboard deck.

Sailing ships

In the case of tall ships , one understands a smooth deck ship, in contrast to a ship with continuous superstructures or a full deck ship with superstructures (e.g. full decker with wheelhouse, full decker with deckhouse), well ship , three island ship or various mixed forms such as well ship with wheelhouse on the poop deck and deckhouse in Brunnen (compare the Bark Belem ) a full deck ship without any superstructures. At the time, the clippers were the preferred type of ship among tall ships. In the era of windjammers, the classification societies prescribed a forecastle for full-deck ships over 35 m in length, so that full-deck ships with superstructures became the most common type of ship.


Numerous steamships of the 19th century were designed as smooth deck steamers . In the case of paddle steamers , these had no superstructures apart from the two wheel arches.

Motor ships

Smooth-deckers are very rare on motor ships. Especially during or shortly after the First World War built US destroyer of Caldwell - , Wickes - and Clemson - classes are called flush deck although the bodies were in an area over the whole deck.

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