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Glaukos is:

in ancient geography:

  • Glaucos (Egypt) , a cape and city on the coast of Egypt, about 15 km east of El Alamein
  • the name of several rivers:
    • River in Armenia, today the Oltu Çayı , a tributary of the Çoruh in northeastern Turkey
    • River in Colchis, now the Tekhuri in Georgia
    • River in Achaia, which flows into the Gulf of Patras, see Glafkos
    • River in Lydia, today the lower reaches of the Demirci (river) in Turkey
    • River in Lycia, today the Kargı (river) , which flows into the Aegean Sea in the bay of Fethiye
    • Glaukos (Phrygia) , river in Phrygia, today source near Işıklı in Turkey

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