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Gmane ( English [ meɪn ]) is a Mail2News gateway .


Via Gmane, users can read mailing lists with a newsreader via NNTP and send mails to the lists without having personally subscribed to them. In addition to access via NNTP, a web interface is also available for access via a web browser .

Gmane sees itself as an archive, so no old mails are deleted. All contributions can be accessed via a permalink . When a mailing list is newly subscribed to Gmane, the archive of the list can be imported into Gmane. There is also a search function for individual mailing lists and for the entire archive. The focus of the offer is on mailing lists for free software projects .

Emails from lists are checked with SpamAssassin and an anti-virus program so that the user is not disturbed by spam emails ( UBE / UCE ) and viruses . Outbound messages are checked by TMDA to ensure that they are not spam.


The project was founded in 2001 by the Norwegian programmer Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, who is also the maintainer of the Gnus news reader .

In 2016 the Gmane web interface was taken offline. Ingebrigtsen spoke of a possible end to the previously privately operated project. He cited DDoS attacks, frequent requests for subsequent removal of information and legal proceedings as reasons .

The service resumed operation as early as September 2016, this time under the direction of Yomura Corporation. The new operator calls the "new Gmane" "Gmane v2". Gmane's website has not been accessible since the end of March 2019. In January 2020, 15,000 mailing lists were migrated to, which can be accessed again by newsreader.


There is also the Gwene service, which can be used to read RSS feeds via a newsreader. Like Gmane, this sister project also experienced a brief interruption in 2016, but was continued again in September 2016.

Web links

  • Gmane - official website
  • - Blog by Gmane v2
  • Gwene - Gmane's sister project for reading RSS feeds via NNTP

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