Golden shot

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The term golden shot is a colloquial, often euphemistically used name for the death of leading intravenous injection of opioids (especially heroin ). The “golden” is the drug user's last “shot”.

This is either a direct means of suicide or it happens unintentionally ( overdose ). The latter can be caused by dangerous additives, an unexpectedly high degree of purity of the drug, by mixed consumption with other sedating psychotropic substances such as alcohol, benzodiazepines or barbiturates in the sense of a polytoxicomania or by a misjudgment of the consumer due to a lowering of the tolerance threshold after previous withdrawal . Since many opioids are illegally produced and traded due to the legal situation, an independent quality and purity control is hardly possible. In the most common cases, a “golden shot” leads to cardiac arrest due to respiratory depression with associated respiratory arrest .

Individual evidence

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