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FCI Standard No. 112 (deleted)
Origin :


Alternative names:

Since 1981: Norwegian Elkhound gray

Withers height:

Male: approx. 52 cm,
bitch: approx. 49 cm


not fixed

List of domestic dogs

The Gråhund was an FCI recognized Swedish dog breed (formerly Group 5, Section 2, Standard No. 112 ). The breed was removed from their lists by the FCI in 1981 and has since been listed as a Norwegian dog breed under the new name Norwegian Elkhound gray with the standard number 242 .


The Gråhund was a typical representative of the Nordic hunting dogs of the pointed type . His build was square, his tail curled. The fur was gray in various shades, with the chest, neck, belly and legs tending to be light, ears, back and muzzle tending to be dark. The undercoat should be pure gray , while the top hair should have black tips. His character is described as good-natured, cordial, obedient and calm.


The Gråhund was originally a hunting dog for hunting elk , deer, lynx and bears, which was able to track its prey over long distances in difficult terrain, and later also a companion and family dog .

Individual evidence

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