Granius (Duumvir)

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Granius († 78 BC ) came from the Roman family of Granii and was 78 BC. Chr. Duumvir of Puteoli . He caused Sulla's death .


Sulla planned to rebuild the area during the civil war in 83 BC. He burned down the Capitol and demanded a tax from the Italian cities to finance his project. Granius - the phenomenon of which is unknown -, as the community leader of Puteoli, did not deliver the share of his town because he assumed that the sick Sulla would soon die and that he could then freely use the amount of money withheld. But the former dictator, to whom the dedication of the Capitol was very important, heard about Granius' behavior. At that time he was living on his estate near Puteoli and became so angry with Granius that he summoned him to his house and had his servants strangle him there. As a result of the conflict, however, he became so angry that he roared and moved violently, which is why he suffered a severe hemorrhage. This drained his strength so much that he died the next morning.



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