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The Greek culture was the culture of ancient Greece . Its distribution areas were the Greek peninsula and the islands of the Aegean Sea as well as the west coast of Asia Minor ( Ionia ) and southern Italy ( Magna Graecia ) and, in later, Hellenistic times, the Greek areas of influence as a result of the campaigns of Alexander the Great : Ptolemaic Egypt with the capital Alexandria , which replaced Athens as a cultural center, Seleucid Syria with the capital Antioch , to the Graeco-Bactrian Empire and even the Graeco-Indian Empire .

A single article can hardly take into account the multiple dimensions of Greek culture. That is why several main articles shed light on the issues that have had a lasting impact on the Western worldview:

Many sporting competitions and scientific findings of today go back directly to ancient Greece:

The basis for these cultural achievements is structured and described:

The philosophy could very well be placed at the beginning of all main articles, because the chosen order of the dimensions is in no way judgmental.

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