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Measuring vehicle for the lateral force measurement process

Skid resistance measuring devices are used to determine the skid resistance of different road surfaces. This includes a number of measuring devices and methods. A basic distinction must be made between dynamic and stationary processes. The results of the different measurement methods do not match and cannot be compared.

Measurement method

There are several different stationary and dynamic measurement methods to choose from:

  • Lateral force measurement method ( SKM for short ) - dynamic measurement method with an inclined wheel on a film of water
  • Stuttgart friction meter ( SRM for short ) - dynamic measuring method based on the principle of "defined locked wheel"
  • SRT pendulum (written out as Skid Resistance Tester ) - stationary pendulum device for use on small areas and in the laboratory
  • Moore flow meter - stationary glass vessel for measuring the macro roughness
  • Griptester - dynamic measuring method based on the principle of "defined wheel braked"

Possible uses

Grip measurements are used for different reasons. First and foremost, they are used to measure the grip in the context of the acceptance of new construction and maintenance measures. In addition, measurements are carried out as part of the warranty . In individual cases it is also used to clarify the facts in the area of ​​accident blackspots.

In addition to the object-related assessment of grip, some measuring methods and devices are also suitable for the systematic and network-wide recording of grip on motorways and federal highways.


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