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In dairy cattle feeding, basic fodder refers to the farm's own feed, which contains both water-rich feed materials such as green fodder and other juice fodder as well as dry roughage such as. B. Includes hay and straw . The basic feed is usually produced on the farm and supplemented with protein feed and mineral feed .

Limits of definition

The boundaries between concentrated feed and basic feed are partly fluid. For example, silage maize with a high cob content contains 6.7 MJ NEL per kg of dry matter and a lot of energy. However, basic feed tends to have a lower energy content than concentrate feed. In contrast to this, basic feed is mostly more crude fiber .

According to most definitions, feed with energy values ​​below 7.0 MJ NEL / kg DM is regarded as basic feed. With energy contents above 7 MJ Nel / kg DM, they are either used as juice feed or as concentrated feed. Juice feed such as B. spent grains or pressed pulp have a dry matter content of less than 55%, so they are comparatively moist. Concentrated feed such as grain or soy meal , on the other hand, has significantly more than 55% dry matter content.

Examples of forage types

The farm's own fodder for livestock farming is above all

  • Grain,
  • Grass,
  • Silage,
  • Beets,
  • Hay and
  • Straw.

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