Guru yoga

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Guruyoga ( Tib . : bla ma'i rnal 'byor ) refers to a meditation exercise that is used in particular in the Vajrayana of Tibetan Buddhism . In this meditation practice, the Vajrayana practitioner identifies his mind with the mind of his guru . The teacher is seen as enlightened.

Some Buddhist teachers believe that one should have stable experience in the tantric generation stage in order to use it correctly , which is why it is not suitable for beginners.

According to Buddhist tradition, Buddhist refuge is necessary beforehand, usually also the completion of special preparatory exercises ( ngondro ), part of which can already be the practice of guru yoga. For an advanced tantric practitioner, the exercise becomes very important if he knows how to use it correctly.

"Guruyoga (is) - entrance gate for the blessing and highest method to awaken the wisdom of realization."

- Patrul Rinpoche : The Words of My Consummate Teacher , p. 389

"We now come to the heart of the path, the practice of Guru Yoga, through which wisdom rises naturally and effortlessly from our being."

- Dilgo Khyentse : The heart jewel of the enlightened , p. 96


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