Gymnastics series

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Free jumping in a jump alley

Gymnastics series , also jumping series, is a term from equestrian sport . Gymnastics rows are used in jumping gymnastics in jumping training .

In -outs are often used in gymnastics series. They are mostly built on straight, but also on curved lines. The jumps shouldn't be too high. Cavalettis , for example, can be placed at the beginning of the row . This is often followed by a cross and at the end there is often a slightly higher steep jump or oxer . The requirements must be adapted to the skills of the horse and rider and can be increased gradually.

Gymnastics series for free jumping are called jump alleys.

Use of gymnastics series

With several small jumps at short intervals, the horses learn to work flexibly in their backs and to always balance themselves in the same rhythm.

With gymnastics series, the attention and obedience of the horse can be improved by alternating the obstacles in height and width. Instead of jumping, a pole can be placed on the ground. The "missing" jump requires increased concentration from the horse.

Fierce horses can be trained not to storm over the jumps with the help of in-out rows, since they have to gather again immediately after each jump in order to overcome the next jump.

The horse cannot overcome three or four in-outs in a row with the help of momentum, so it has to jump with power from the hindquarters. This achieves a high training effect, even if no jump is higher than 60 cm. However, care must always be taken not to overwhelm the horses.


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