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The H-Net - Humanities and Social Sciences Online is a network for specialist communication in the humanities and social sciences , whose technical infrastructure ( Listserv ) is located at Michigan State University and which is supported by a global staff of editors, editors and advisory boards.


The H-Net was announced by the American historian Richard Jensen in December 1992; in February 1993 the first list mail was sent via H-Urban. By the end of 1993, 21 different thematic lists had been established. Since then, the number of mailing lists moderated by editors has grown steadily. All lists have an archive through which older articles can also be viewed. The lists are primarily aimed at graduated scientists, who provide them with conference announcements, reviews of new scientific publications, calls for papers, job and housing offers (disciplinary notice board ). The lists provide an inexpensive and above all extremely fast forum for discussion within the respectiveScientific Community . Most of these lists use the English language and are geared towards the needs of the Anglo-American humanities and social sciences. In the meantime, however, there are also some German-language mailing lists that are more oriented towards (continental) European science . The best-known German-language mailing list that is operated via H-Net is H-Soz-Kult . In 2014, all 200 mailing lists (networks) moved to the new H-Net Commons platform, where since then there have been other services that go beyond the operation of the mailing list, for example resources can be collected there. All discussions can also be read on the website and via RSS feeds .


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