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Hadrianopolis (Αδριανούπολις, Adrianopolis) is the name of several cities in the Roman Empire that were founded by Emperor Hadrian or named after him:

  • Edirne (formerly Hadrianopolis [Hadrianopolis in Haemimonto], also known as Adrianople) is in Thrace, now in Turkey
  • Dropull (formerly Hadrianopolis [Hadrianopolis in Epirus]), ancient city in the Roman province of Epirus or Epirus Vetus, today in Albania
  • Hadrianopolis (Paphlagonia) , ancient city and titular bishopric in Paphlagonia was located at today's Eskipazar and was called Kaisareia Proseilemmeneitai before it was renamed
  • Hadrianopolis in Pisidia , in the area between Phrygia and Lycaonia, in late antiquity in the province of Pisidia, probably near today's Koças

Hadrianopolis is the name of the following titular (arch) bishoprics of the Roman Catholic Church: